Catherine Vuylsteke lives in Brussels and gave birth to a son, Alpha, in 2001

Educational Background:
1982-1986: University of Ghent, sinology, graduated with distinction yearly.
1986-1987: Shanghai Fudan University, department of Foreign Students, Chinese language and literature
1987-1988: University of Ghent: Teacher Training, degree with distinction

Professional Background:
1987-1989: free lance journalist for Belgian media such as Knack, De Morgen. Publication in Hong Kong’s english language daily South China Morning Post
1988-1990: Chinese teacher in evening courses, Antwerp School of Languages
1996-1999: Teacher at the RITS, school for film and journalism in Brussels, Foreign News course
1989- : Full time foreign news editor with the dutch language newspaper De Morgen, in Brussels.
– Grand reportages on a large number of political, social, economical and cultural subjects in:
China, India, Vietnam, South-Korea, Jan, Turkey, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Afghanistan, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Uganda, Tanzania
– Concept, research, coordination and partial execution (this being group projects) of a number of series:
– womens rights (five part series of double pages in all the major cultures, personally went to China and India)
– blood on their hands, series on youngsters who participated in often politically motivated violence, in a post-conflict situation. (Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Colombia – personally did the Sri Lanka-story)
– Hiroshima, fifty years on
– Aids in Africa (five countries, five themes (such as religion and hiv, youngsters and counseling, .. in Tanzania, South-Africa, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Botswana – personally went to Uganda (the so called success story, and Ivory Coast (religion and HIV))
– 25 years of Iranian Islamic Revolution (five part series, full page)
– Morocco, womens rights
– Bollywood
– hip hop in Senegal
– numerous grand reportages in China

– the People’s Republic of Desire, March 2007, Meulenhoff/Manteau, now in second edition
– Among Men, the hidden lives of Moroccan gays, March 2008, Meulenhoff/Manteau
– The weight of Heavenly Peace, freedom and resistance since the massacre of Tiananmen, May 2009, Meulenhoff/Manteau
– Facing Brussels, Bai Publishers, 2010
– Silent Stories, documentary, 2011
– The Past is a Foreign Country, November 2011, De Bezige Bij Antwerpen

Nominations and Prizes:
1997: Citibank Prize for Economic Journalism, for grand reportage on the social fall-out of the privatization of Capital Steel in Beijing
1996: Nominated for KBC-Press Prize for grand reportage on Chinese migrant who settled in Belgium and who travels home for the first time in seven years.

December 1999 – February 2000: Aids in Africa, International House Brussels, later shown in other venues in Belgium. Text provided for the work of colleague photographers (with whom we did the series in the paper)
March -September 2007: People’s Republic of Desire, Chinese Pavilion in Laken, near Brussels, texts for series which led to the book, text accompanied the work of the photographers
August-October 2008: Koen Wessing, pictures from China, Utrecht, Holland, Central Museum, text and conference, in August 2009 Wessing’s book was published with my texts, at Voetnoot Antwerp/Amsterdam. Exposition in the Amsterdam Photo Museum.
June 10th to September 12th  2010: Facing Brussels, a photographic and literary exploration of the many worlds that constitute the extraordinary diversity of Brussels, from tourists and commuters to eurocrats, homeless people, migrants and Brussels natives. BELvue Museum, Brussels
November 23rd  2011-January 29th 2012: The past is a foreign country, the story of eight unaccompanied minors in Belgium. A photographic and literary exploration in BELvue Museum, Brussels